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West Entrance

East Entrance

New Gathering Area


Frequently Asked Questions About First UMC, Gastonia's Plan For the Future

(A full list of questions and answers is available on the sidebar link)

What is the "new construction" we keep hearing about and what is its main purpose?

At the January, 2016 congregational meeting with ADW Architects, it was determined that our three major needs were: (1)A new easily-identifiable entry way to the church; (2)Security; and (3)Take care of water issues on the bottom floor.

The new construction is going to be a Welcome/Gathering Area located between the Main Building and the Family Life Center (FLC). The two-way, one-way drive will be removed. Rooms 204 (main floor) and 102 (downstairs) will be removed and we will dig down to the bottom level (to address water issues from the north side of the building) of the main building. There will be new bathrooms on each floor of the main building with a large gathering area on the main floor. We will have easily identifiable entry ways into the church in the new area. This will allow for secured entry to the building and the gathering area can be secured to allow access to whatever part of the building is necessary.

How much will this cost?

The final number cannot be known, of course. But, with everything that the we are planning plus remodeling existing areas in our main building and "soft costs" of seating, carpet, paint, etc. we estimate the figure to be about $5 million. Our Finance Committee and Church Council will be suggestions for funding to the Church Conference to be held after each worship service on April 24. A Church Conference allows for every full member of the church to have a vote.

How does this help with security?

We are really excited that when the final plan is accomplished, the Wesley Center, Family Life Center, and main building will all be under one roof (meaning one can get to anywhere in those three buildings without ever going outside). Also, with one entry into the church (except on Sundays when we will have all points of entry in the main building opened) we can know where people are and allow access to needed areas.

We keep hearing about changes in the Chapel. What does that mean?

We are calling for seating changes in the Chapel. Nothing will happen to the Chancel area. We are calling for removing the pews and replacing them with seats that can be set up like pews or re-arranged for flexible use in small group meetings, etc.